Celebrating people

I’ve ridden pretty much every day for over 11 years; it happens without my even thinking about it. Perhaps you’re in the same boat…and that’s a shame.

Because when you do think about, it riding a bike to work is really remarkable! Tens of millions of Americans say that they want to get up in the morning and get some exercise, but they don’t. Tens of millions of Americans say they want save money, but they don’t. Tens of millions of Americans say they want to do things to be kinder to the planet.

If you rode your bike today, you did something that the vast majority of Americans did not do. It doesn’t matter that you do it everyday or that you did it today without thinking about it or even that it wasn’t hard (remember when it was hard?).

That is remarkable.

It’s a victory.

Celebrating people
You had a big win today. Stop and celebrate it.

Stop for a second and celebrate it. Put your hands in the air and do some fist pumping. Give your self a quick round of applause.

You deserve it.

One thought on “YOU DID IT!”

  1. People celebrate various events, but hey you are right, that not driving car is really strong reason!
    You can be calm in your mind knowing, that your being here does not affect that much the future of your kids and other leaving creatures.
    For conscience sake, for happier life, for healthier body…

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