A car runs on money and makes you fat, a bike runs on fat and saves you money
Bike to Work for Quality of Life
Going Car Free

Three Reasons You Should Have and Use a Bike

Yesterday on a train, I was asked to take yet another survey on transportation and transit. I take every survey that comes my way because I have strong opinions on the subject, but for the last year and a half or so, I have been embarrassed about my answer to one of the questions: how […]

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Bike to Work Philosophy
Bike to Work Tips

Five steps to riding more in 2013

In the first week of January, resolutions flow like cheap champagne on New Year’s Eve; but in the second week of January the rubber hits the road. For those who have tasted the experience of biking to work or who are convinced that it is a great alternative to the daily drive, the timing is […]

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Bike to Work for Quality of Life
Getting Started

The Intentional Commuter: Question Your Commute

It’s something that may cost you 230 hours and $10,000 this year; it has profound effects on your body and your mind…and if you are like most people, it is something you do without even thinking. It’s time to question your commute. Intentional commuting is the recognition that we are responsible for our time and […]

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