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Bike to work pictureWhy build yet another site on riding a bike to work? There are many good blogs on the subject already and some fine writers at work (check out “Other Bike To Work Sites” to the right if you don’t believe me). They write convincingly, eloquently, logically, passionately about the virtues of the bicycle…and they are right, but something is missing.

I have been taking the same route at the same time year round for more than two years. I see the same cars. I see the same panhandlers. I see the same kids walking to school.

But I don’t see the same bike riders.

I see guys (and occasionally women) in spandex and a backpack for a couple of days, then they are gone. I see an ever-changing succession of laptop-toting coders heading downtown or students heading to the university, but rarely the same ones twice. What is going on here? Why isn’t riding a bike to work becoming a habit for these folks?

All the convincing, eloquent, logical, and passionate posts, essays, and rants are not adding up to the commuting sea change that should be happening. This site exists to ask the question, “Why not?” and see if we can’t find the answers.

If you tried biking to work and it didn’t take, let’s try to understand why. If you want to try, but something you can’t identify is stopping you, I want to explore what it is. If you successfully bike to work, I want to learn how you did it.

Let’s figure it out. The Intentional Commute awaits.

About the Author

This site is facilitated by Kwin Peterson, who has been biking to work in Salt Lake City for seven years, riding more than 23,000 miles between his house and the office in that time. Kwin has never owned a pair of bike shorts, he has never ridden a century (and has no desire to do so). But he has dropped 50 pounds; seen the full, pink moon set over Antelope Island on a midwinter morning; has felt the encouragement of a strong tailwind after a long day; and has listened to life-changing podcasts while pedaling to and from work.

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