Month: August 2013

An Amish buggy and a car wait at a red light.
Bike to Work Philosophy
Getting Started

Three Reasons You Should Be Comfortable Taking the Lane

Recently our family took a road trip from Utah to points East. Along the way from Hershey, Pennsylvania to Washington, D.C. we took a detour to Lancaster County to see “Amish Country.” Rolling hills: check. Large families tending well-kept farms: check. Horse drawn buggies: check. Other people looking at Amish Country: check. Interestingly, we (and […]

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A car runs on money and makes you fat, a bike runs on fat and saves you money
Bike to Work for Quality of Life
Going Car Free

Three Reasons You Should Have and Use a Bike

Yesterday on a train, I was asked to take yet another survey on transportation and transit. I take every survey that comes my way because I have strong opinions on the subject, but for the last year and a half or so, I have been embarrassed about my answer to one of the questions: how […]

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