Day: July 9, 2012

Bike to Work for Money

Saving Money is a Great Reason to Bike to Work

For many people (myself included) a primary motivation for starting or continuing to bike to work is saving money. You may think you understand the savings, but it goes way beyond the price of gas. As I have written elsewhere, biking to work comes in two basic flavors –“replace your car” and “supplement your car.” […]

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Bike to Work for Quality of Life
Bike to Work Philosophy

Quality of Life is a Great Reason to Bike to Work

Since finishing grad school and getting my adult jobs, I have driven to work (for a few months), taken transit (for nine years), and ridden a bike to work (for seven years). I have seen how my commuting choice affects me. The term, “quality of life” is thrown around by politicians, doctors, pundits, and academics […]

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